Lamb's Pond


Invites teachers and students to explore, discover and reconnect to nature.  The Forest School property includes forest, field, wetland and pond habitats to explore.

" a unique nature immersion experience!"


 About Our Staff

Shelley Gallagher is a qualified teacher, currently working with the CDSBEO as an Occasional Teacher.  She has over 35 years of outdoor education experience teaching pre-school to adult-aged learners in many outdoor education settings.  She enjoys working with children and passing on her love and extensive knowledge of nature and the outdoors.  

Program Length

All regular programs are two hours in length, available both mornings and afternoons. Start and end times are flexible to adapt to bussing schedules.  Normally programs would begin at 10:00 am and finish by noon.  If you wish to make a day out of your field trip you could combine programs or conduct your own education program.  Shelley would be pleased to provide you with program ideas.


  •  $6.00 per student attending  half day programs.
  •   A minimum fee of $100.00 applies to all groups.

Ø  Please bring cash or a cheque made payable to Shelley Gallagher

Ø  Cancellation fee is $30.00 (see cancellation policy below).

Booking a Visit

Education programs can be booked at any time by e-mailing or by calling Shelley Gallagher at (613) 498-2894

Please send a detailed message including your name, school, grade, class size, proposed dates and choice of program. We will confirm either by phone and/or e-mail. Note the dates of availability for each program.


minimum of seven working days’ notice is required for cancellation to allow  time to contact groups from our waiting list. If the Lamb’s Pond Forest School is notified of the cancellation less than seven days in advance of the scheduled visit, a cancellation fee of $30.00 will be charged.

Education staff will contact your school by 8:00 a.m. if we need to cancel due to severe weather. There will be no charge for a cancellation made due to severe weather conditions. Please dress in comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing.

If you have any questions, please call Shelley Gallagher at 613 498-2894.

Getting There

Lamb’s Pond Forest School is located 10 km north of Brockville, along new Dublin Rd. , just off Hwy 29.  Buses can back up in the driveway across from the Forest School Entrance, in order to allow  teachers, students and volunteers to  disembark safely on the entrance side.  ADDRESS: 6436 New Dublin Rd, Addison, Ontario Shelley will be waiting at the entrance.

Primary Programming (Kindergarten to Grade 3)

The following programs are curriculum related and designed to  encourage curiosity, exploration and discovery. Programs are listed below in alphabetical order.  Shelley is also happy to work with teachers should they wish to  design a custom program to fit their curriculum and student needs.


Colours in Nature(Grades K to 2) Science and Technology – Fall, Spring

Through guided hands-on activities, students will become aware of the many colours present in nature and how these colours are used by nature. 

Critters and Minibeasts (Gr K-3) Science and Technology Early Fall- Spring

Your students will learn what makes an insect an insect through a fun puppet show and human to insect transformation. They will also have an opportunity to experience live capture and release of insects in a field and forest area.  Students will have the opportunity to appreciate the valuable role insects play in the environment.  Emphasis is on respect for life, observation, description, classification and life cycles.

Kinderscience (JK and SK) Science and Technology Spring – Fall, Spring

By using their senses, students will experience seasonal changes, life cycles and a genuine sense of wonder, appreciation and respect for the natural world.  Puppets, hands-on sensory exploration activities and games will guide the children into discovering more about the season they are visiting. Emphasis will be placed on encouraging students to unleash their natural sense of curiosity for exploration and discovery. 

Knee Deep in Wildflowers (Gr 1-3) Science and Technology- Spring

Students meet some friendly flower puppets who teach about the characteristics of a flower by transforming students into a living flower.  Through guided activities and a hike, students will explore and compare flowers found in a forest and field habitat.

Seeds Please (Grade 1-3) Science and Technology -Fall

Students discover the secrets of plants on the move by collecting and classifying seeds. The mysteries of seed dispersal and its importance are highlighted.  Guided activities take students into the forest and field to discover the variety of seeds produced by trees, forest and field plants.

Splash Museum (Gr 1- 3)  Science and Technology - Spring, Fall


Students explore and discover the diverse plants and animals found in Lamb's Pond.  A fun pond activity game helps  students to understand the complex food chain and predator relationships. 

"When children feel immersed and absorbed in the natural world, they are learning the highest that nature has to offer — because Nature Herself is their Teacher” -- Joseph Cornell, Sharing Nature With Children