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Women Empowering Women – Guided by Nature is a co-operative venture begun in 2009. As sisters we endeavor to hold a non-judgmental space for one another to journey with our wild selves. Our goal is to participate with and support women who feel a deep connection to nature and wish to explore themselves, nourish others and make the world a better place through our connection to wild nature.

WEW offers workshops and retreats for women who are invited to participate in any way they feel called – as an attendee, as a member of the planning team or as a workshop facilitator. However, there is no expectation to participate in workshops. You may wish to spend time in the beautiful forest, beside the lake or simply swinging in a hammock. Our retreats are powerful, fun and many times deeply moving. This is your day with other amazing women, to play, to study, to share, to explore and to grow. We know your life will be enriched!

Join our annual spring 2019 retreat

Consider facilitating a workshop in a supportive and encouraging environment with a group of volunteer women.

Break Out Sessions:

There are two blocks during the retreat day where participants can facilitate a workshop presentation of their own creation and design. These blocks are 1 hour in length.

What kind of workshop?

• Share a talent, gift, passion, interest or experience.

• Try to connect workshop to theme of nature

Workshop Examples:

Nature Therapy, Writing, Yoga, Art, Drama, Music, Dance, Gardening, Preparing Nutritious Food, Naturopathy and Herbal Remedies, Native Wisdom, canoeing, crafts, Painting, Nature Photography, Hikes to teach about plants and animals, Vision Boards

Women’s Spirituality, Outdoor Cooking

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These special events are volunteer run, inexpensive and collaborative with food preparation (potluck) set-up and clean up, promotion, registration and workshop facilitation run by women in the network.

Workshop/activity sessions are forms for women to express their creativity in a supportive and encouraging environment. These are lead/facilitated by the core planning group members or by participants who wish to share a talent, gift, passion, interest or experience. 

~Laura Lee Kishka~ Attended Women Empowering Women- Guided By Nature Spring Retreat, 2018

"One of the most profound experiences of my life. Thank you for everything."

If you are interested in offering a workshop, contact us with

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Vision & Mission 

Women Empowering Women Guided by Nature empowers women of all ages to nourish mind, body and spirit by connecting to the natural world and to each other.

Women interested in empowering women of all ages are invited to gather together in a stunning private natural retreat setting of Lamb’s Pond. This unique setting offers women guided and individual explorations in nature that rejuvenate, revitalize and renew personal strength, awareness and confidence.